TLPlan (Temporal Logic Planner) is a research prototype for planning rules that specify instructions to be executed by a software agent at different points in time, depending on the current situation, in order to accomplish a given deterministic task.

You can download the C-Version of TLPlan for Linux here. This version is maintained by Fahiem Bacchus.

A version for Windows XP and Windows Vista adapted from the previous version by a group of undergraduate students at the Université de Sherbrooke can be downloaded here.

For a Scheme version, click here. This is the code used for experiments for ICAPS 2005 paper with Sylvie Thiébaux. This version was tested with MIT-Scheme 9.1.1 You can download MIT-Scheme 9.1 from here.

You may also find it interesting to simulate the robot domain distributed with the TLPlan Scheme version using the following robot simulator made by Eric Beaudy: a simple robot simulator working with the robot domain (get it here).